All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Many individuals that have undergone narcissistic abuse, complex ptsd and/or codependency feel compelled to utilize all that they learned on their own healing journey - to pay it forward and help others. For me, becoming a life coach allowed me to turn a painful past into an empowering career that allows me to assistant and witness the healing growth of others!  How rewarding is that!?!?! We cannot change our past, but when we use it for good - it is so rewarding!!

Start Your Career Today

In this online course you will learn

* How to set up the business side of your coaching practice.

* How to grow an online business quickly.

* You will learn how to use YouTube or a social media platform to drive     business to your coaching.

* Passive/Active Income

* Bias, Risk Tolerance, and coaching communication

* The Core Competencies of a Professional Coach

* How to create & utilize a niche to attract your ideal client

* Emotional Literacy Specializing in complex ptsd and narcissistic abuse recovery

* 5 Powerful tools specializing in helping individuals that have been through emotional trauma

* Mentoring while still honoring the client as the expert in themselves

* Learn the language of the subconscious mind and how to utilize this with your clients

* Re-parenting

* Learn how to help your clients through 5 of the most common troublesome side effects of narcissistic abuse/complex ptsd: toxic shame, inner critic, emotional flashbacks, self abandonment and social anxiety.